Monday, November 12, 2012

Yours and My Award!

Theresa Foley ( B's Banded Mama) have nominated me for a Liebster Award. Liebster is a German word and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome

The Rules

- Once you're nominated, write 11 facts about yourself.

- Then, take a look at the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked and answer them.

- Get your thinking cap on and come up with 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer

- Then choose the 5 bloggers you want to nominate (they must have less than 200 followers) & let them know they've been nominated (there are no tag backs - you can't nominate the person who nominated you).

- Complete this post and then link it to the person who nominated you (in the comments of their blog).
1. coffee or tea? Both except I love iced coffee and hot or cold lattes
2.favorite TV show? Oh boy..Many many! Scandal Newsroom,Trueblood,Walking dead,Thrones, Borgias ,etc..

3. one book you absolutely would recommend? I recommend ANY book I recently Shadow of Night ( Deborah Harkness)

 4. if you could have a famous person's figure who would you choose? Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell

 5. do you wrap your children's gifts from "Santa" ? if you do not have kids, did your parents wrap yours as a kid? I wrap my ass off!
6. favorite time of the year? why? Fall is nice because its so close to winter,But I LOVE winter..The holidays the snow the my dad I love bad weather and Christmas.

 7. biggest concern you had when making the choice to get banded? I'm not banded
8. does your family read your blog? if so do you ever wish they did not? Yes they do and I wish more did ,I never wished the didn't ,I'd probably tell them anyways!
9. would your dream home be on the beach or in the mountains? The mountains for sure!!! 
 10. have you traveled (out of state or country) if so where? Out of state only, New Hampshire ,Vermont, Maine,New York ,New Jersey, Rhode Island,Connecticut, South Carolina  ( drove to S.Carolina so all the states in between ,Worst trip ever!)
 11. cat or dog ( i love both, but have kitties ) Friggin dogs! I've gone from 8 dogs (Pitbulls) to now 3.

 Now my questions...
1.) What is your best feature?
2.) How long have you been on the "lifestyle change" diet? and What's your go to snack?
3.)What is your goal weight ? and what what do you think is a healthy pant size?
4.) When is the last time you felt comfortable with your weight or size? what age were you?
5.)What is your favorite movie?
6.) Is your husband/partner supportive in your diet?
7.)Whats a great exercise you do routinely?
8.)Give a recipe for a good dinner?
9.) What piece of clothing most and first do you want to fit into and wear?
10.In history ,what era do you feel you would have liked to live in? and why?
11.) What is a Christmas tradition you and your family have ?                                                       

I would like to nominate the following..
Robyn's Nest
Holly Marie
The Bandit Girl


Weigh in on weigh ins

I have not weighed myself in probably close to 2 weeks! I've decided not to weigh in til my birthday (Dec.8) . I'm thinking this may help with me being disappointed when it tells me I didn't lose shit or worse I've gained. Lets face it we all have a day or two a month where we're a couple pounds over but its not always our lack of trying its just the day and how our body is. I think how we are feeling or our clothes are fitting should tell more. So that's it I'm not weighing in til December! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


So been a couple days but I've still been walking and eating right. I can say I had a lemon poppy muffin but no butter cuz I never use it on them anyways. I also had another puke fest.... I have no idea why but it just happens like immediately and I usually end up ass out for a day or two. I wish I knew cuz its really scary when I think of it. Needless to say I haven't walked today because of it. Anyone had this. ....

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hooray!  My husband fixed my treadmill after I thought it was surely dead! So even though I worked out I did 30 minutes of high incline! I feel that shit now boy! I had an chocolate chip cookie today so bad & good LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Heffah

So my 2 younger kids went out to To'T well as per safety issues we  "checked" the candy...I was wicked bad I will admit it was not good! List of demands...
Half a 100 grand
1 mini pack of peanut M&M's
1 mini Almond Joy
1 choc chip cookie
Ahh but wait I had today a bite size Snickers and 5 M&M's (pieces) So my walk today is made of hills and speed. I suck and deserve the 16 I'm in if I carry this crap on! Hope everyone else did well but if ya didn't please share your pain with me, after all misery loves company ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


SO while arguing with my husband about why I feel I need to lose weight and the before pics and blogging..the whole deal I thought ok I'll do some quick pics of me in my regular leggings and zip up no biggie. Well I guess I never truly looked at my dimensions! I am beyond what I can imagine and I don't know why I let it go. I'm so embarrassed to be this big plus knocking on 40's door!! I so ave to get in like meltdown disaster mode and do this shit!! No excuses or I worked out enough today..I gotta get on this ,I can not and I refuse to look like this is horrible .So I'm telling my husband this and all he says is I love you either way ,yea no shit fat ass but I don't love me this way!! Ok , that was my pity party thank you for coming. ;)
Oh my goodness!

Wide Side
10/31/2012 Scary Halloween Shape

A Big Girl Before Pic

Can't keep a fat chic down!

So been a couple days. We got "Sandy" here and my street flooded!  Can't hold a fat chick down LOL I still walked but only 30 minutes and on my workout day I did only 3 reps on my kettle and just 5 reps on my hand weights. But I did take in all the lawn furniture and hunker down other crap outside and while doing it a threw a half dozen lunges. I looked freaking Nuts in my yard doing that seriously!  I like lunges but ooh they put ya in check! So as for my bad thing I had 2 cups of egg nog with Captain Morgan's rum . It was needed believe me... Today I'm having Chris ( my husband ) take my I guess before pic and also I found my fat pic from last year so I'll throw that up too.
So I guess I'll be praying for strength to make it through Thanksgiving giving! Our family starting as a child we've always had pie but then an additional whole chocolate cream pie to ourselves!  Yes one whole pie tin of homemade crust, pudding & delicious homemade whipped heavy cream! ! I guess we can share horror stories of the like as we get closer. So lastly does anyone have any at home exercises they can share??

Friday, October 26, 2012

OH , Thats how ya do it..

Walking today I was thinking I could probably be doing more for my loss. I then seen my sisters recent blog and thought THAT"S IT!
 I havent done ant of those pics ya see much of! I gotta get some pics whilst I'm still a fatty (u know cuz soon I'll be a bonerack LOL ) I was able to see such a change in Tee and just cuz I'm shunned from the LapLand Residents lol I have my befores I just gotta get some good afters..After is the key LOL
 But today I did a 60 minutes walk in the state park with my 16 week old (40 lb) Pitbull puppy. It was nice to be just be ,my music and Renzo of course . Renzo is our puppy.I'll add a pic of him from today.

Anyways I've been like a music junkie trying to grab up some many oldies to keep me up to the challenge of walking ,If ya got any please let me know I wicked need them..also I could use any advice on some easy toning techniques ..Ok and tomorrow are "before" pics ..I could probably find some fatter ones but this delicazte flower will have to do LOL

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make me

Hi all. Yesterday I did my walk not actually as turned out to be 4miles (fun) . I mean I planned on walking cuz it was my walking day but I get a call from my husband,  he locked his keys in the car! ( smart right) . So he says I need the info for our Roadside (Not AAA, We bought it through our insurance company?) Either way,  I say its gonna be a wicked wait I'll walk our extra key to ya. Yadda,yadda,yadda, I walk with the dog pulling me completely to the other side of town! Definitely a busy day yesterday with housework and such as well...stay tuned ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Its Italian

So today for the first time I had Gelato. ..goodness!  My husband was eating it so I said let me have a bit. I had 1/4 cup and my stomach was so full! I don't know how he puts so much away . I that its less fat than ice cream and you only need seriously the small 1/4 cup! Anywho I did a 15 minute workout...I was too bitchy to much more..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in Action!

So I said I'd let ya know about my walking if I did it. Well, I did. I set out with my husband actually. I let him go with me figuring I was only gonna walk 20-30 minutes. We walked 70! I was shocked , Chris is not exactly the walker!
  So glad to report I'm back to walking. May not be 70 minutes everyday but at least 30. I should also mention I've been eating healthy portions and doing a bunch in the house . OK tomorrows workout with exercises & my kettle bell for toning.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeling Betta'

So my mysterious sick is gone finally!  Musta' been a flu. I live close to the NECC that's been on the news. They are the " Meningitis" peeps.
Anywho I ate light yesterday and today but I did finally today work out.  I didn't walk but did workout for 45 minutes ( sweating my ass off!) But I'm glad I did it. So this week will be back to walking & alternate workout days. There's this new workout called "Body Pump" it looks like a good workout but not til I lose more otherwise I'll be the strong woman at the circus (sans the circus part).
I'm gonna try to walk tomorrow even if its just 30 minutes. I'll let ya know if I collapse LOL
BTW my sis tells me I gotta email my comments back so funky stuff with the website setup but I really appreciate the comments n advice. Now I'll be able to answer back!! (•_•)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This may help

I've been sick like wicked sick! I haven't worked out but I hate been able to eat crap! So I'm either Even Steven or gonna gain when I'm better. I've had some gingerale ( I usually never drink tonic) I've had like oatmeal then cereal but not the milk. I've been drinking my green tea with honey half a cup nightly. I never finish a whole cup...a waste of my
K-Cups! So hopefully I'll be back in action soon. We planned to hike with the kids & dogs this weekend,  we'll have to see how I'm doing. So lets hope this sickness doesn't screw me up weight wise.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A day outside

Spent a lot of time in the yard today with the dogs.  Cleaning up,  putting lawn furniture and crap away. I gotta say I've been pretty good. I did argue with husband on what a " full stomach " means...I take meds morning and night well I get a little nausea with my morning ones. I try to have a yogurt and a piece of fruit plus a small cup of juice before I take my pill. Well my husband says yogurt n juice is not full stomach blah blah blah....anywho I I do sometimes just have a yogurt. I've been getting more nausea lately and my migraines are becoming more often. It may be the food/meds argument. I have lost about 6lbs total without working out as much as I use to. Any ideas on quick nonyucky breakfast ideas....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Happy Birthday

Today was my husband Chris's 38th birthday soooo he wanted a Carvel cake and for dinner rice and beans with hot Italian sausages and corn! Now let me explain LOL. ..I actually only had a cup of rice n beans then I had a 3×3 of the ice cream cake. Not wicked bad but not so good either. Didn't exercise today either we were way busy but tomorrow I'll be back on! I'm thinking of adding another 20 minutes to my walk. ..we'll see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I hate Tuesdays...

I hate Tuesdays usual. They suck. Their not Monday but I think their worse! Tuesday the kids have all this homework to bring back. After school nightmare of here there and everywhere.
But today as sucky as Tuesdays are I'm proud to say I've lost 3 pounds!!!! Not huge but better than gaining after the creampuff massacre!  So I'm happy. ..I'm sure not for long , after all I'm a complaining bitch but not today ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Not too too bad...

So the other night we went to a family trivia night I drank more than answered LOL
I was abit bad I walked by a tray of cream puffs I say walked by but I banged a Uturn decided 2 little puffs wouldn't hurt. ..well 2 turned to 3 . I guess after the plentiful amount of Chianti I should be more concerned with the wine calories. I did work out yesterday and walked today. ..whatcha guys think of this wine business? ?

Friday, October 5, 2012

    So tonight I got a wicked good pep talk from my sister ( Tee )who also gave me alittle publicity and that's awesome! I am really excited to know there's support out there .I haven't got any kind of weight surgery but I so need to lose.I have been dieting on and off since umm like I was 12 LOL! It feels that way but what I wouldn't do to have my body if my teen back to reality!  I hate the way I look now ,the way I feel, it just makes me not even wanna buy clothes! (I do wear them though legally I have to) but who wants to be a delicate size 16 jeans !!
  I guess I'm just looking to be a normal size 12 again. My actual "goal" weight is 165lbs , which feels so far away! Lets see...
 Right now I'm 235lbs so that leaves me the job/journey of losing
70 POUNDS ...OMG!! Thats umm big numbers baby! So we'll see , I told Tee (my aforementioned sister) that I think blogging will help me because I'll have to answer to youguys and be like "So I ate a half gallon of ice cream and a 6 pack of tacos! But I wont be saying that exactly..but I know I'll have a few bitchy "So I had an ice cream whateva!" blogs, LOL oh and before I "sign off" I dont know if that blog talk?? ...either way if youguys got ANY tips about anything dieting,blogging,exercising, ways to fry chicken (that last one was a joke,I know how to fry chicken ;p

Thinking new

So yesterday I went to have my hair foiled , got some new makeup and feeling alittle happy about myself which I believe helps with losing and motivation.So far I gotta say I'm not too bad on eating ,I love healthy food not healthy like tofu and gross stuff but regular old healthy. My issues are ice cream lately I've had 2 pints a month (porka) and my sabotaging husband brings me chocolates!i never use sugar or salt in my food or drinks,I don't drink soda I don't know how to bake so that saves me lol! So my treadmill broke!! My friend was kind enough to give me an elliptical she doesn't use so I'm all over that! I've started light weights( I dont wanna be the become the hulk). So at this point I'm walking about 15-20 minutes a day and now will be able to add the elliptical. Not yet ready to return to crunches that will be maybe a month . So got the plan but now gotta go with it! Somedays are wicked hard cuz with 3 teens it's so easy to say sure pizza for supper,or grab me a tube of Pringles ! I guess I need discipline.
Today I was 234
....any thoughts???

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first blog ever! I guess I'm thinking that blogging will keep me on task with support. Also giving support I believe helps both of us.So I will start with the basics about myself...
    My name is Jessica ,I am a 38 year old wife and mom. We live in Massachusetts. We own 5 (yes 5!) dogs..This past summer I had a hysterectomy do to some bleeding issue so goodbye periods!!
   So most of my adult life I have had my weight go up & down ,I've been 165 all the way to 260! Many other weights in between. Yea I still have my jeans sizes 12-18 lol...Someday pants.
  Ok today I weigh 235 I also ate a candy bar my excuse was to get it outta the house ! So, You see I'm not good I'm actually my worse enemy.
  Besides losing to look and feel good, I wanna do it for health too.
I'm really at this point hoping to get and give support on how to change and lose!
 A few things I dont plan on doing is surgery,pills, or joining a gym. The gym because I have a few things at home and like to walk outside with the dogs or my ipod. Food wise I am open to all ideas.
Hoping to meet some great people so we can be there for each other . Strength in numbers they say..LOL