Friday, October 26, 2012

OH , Thats how ya do it..

Walking today I was thinking I could probably be doing more for my loss. I then seen my sisters recent blog and thought THAT"S IT!
 I havent done ant of those pics ya see much of! I gotta get some pics whilst I'm still a fatty (u know cuz soon I'll be a bonerack LOL ) I was able to see such a change in Tee and just cuz I'm shunned from the LapLand Residents lol I have my befores I just gotta get some good afters..After is the key LOL
 But today I did a 60 minutes walk in the state park with my 16 week old (40 lb) Pitbull puppy. It was nice to be just be ,my music and Renzo of course . Renzo is our puppy.I'll add a pic of him from today.

Anyways I've been like a music junkie trying to grab up some many oldies to keep me up to the challenge of walking ,If ya got any please let me know I wicked need them..also I could use any advice on some easy toning techniques ..Ok and tomorrow are "before" pics ..I could probably find some fatter ones but this delicazte flower will have to do LOL

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Make me

Hi all. Yesterday I did my walk not actually as turned out to be 4miles (fun) . I mean I planned on walking cuz it was my walking day but I get a call from my husband,  he locked his keys in the car! ( smart right) . So he says I need the info for our Roadside (Not AAA, We bought it through our insurance company?) Either way,  I say its gonna be a wicked wait I'll walk our extra key to ya. Yadda,yadda,yadda, I walk with the dog pulling me completely to the other side of town! Definitely a busy day yesterday with housework and such as well...stay tuned ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Its Italian

So today for the first time I had Gelato. ..goodness!  My husband was eating it so I said let me have a bit. I had 1/4 cup and my stomach was so full! I don't know how he puts so much away . I that its less fat than ice cream and you only need seriously the small 1/4 cup! Anywho I did a 15 minute workout...I was too bitchy to much more..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in Action!

So I said I'd let ya know about my walking if I did it. Well, I did. I set out with my husband actually. I let him go with me figuring I was only gonna walk 20-30 minutes. We walked 70! I was shocked , Chris is not exactly the walker!
  So glad to report I'm back to walking. May not be 70 minutes everyday but at least 30. I should also mention I've been eating healthy portions and doing a bunch in the house . OK tomorrows workout with exercises & my kettle bell for toning.