Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hooray!  My husband fixed my treadmill after I thought it was surely dead! So even though I worked out I did 30 minutes of high incline! I feel that shit now boy! I had an chocolate chip cookie today so bad & good LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Heffah

So my 2 younger kids went out to To'T well as per safety issues we  "checked" the candy...I was wicked bad I will admit it was not good! List of demands...
Half a 100 grand
1 mini pack of peanut M&M's
1 mini Almond Joy
1 choc chip cookie
Ahh but wait I had today a bite size Snickers and 5 M&M's (pieces) So my walk today is made of hills and speed. I suck and deserve the 16 I'm in if I carry this crap on! Hope everyone else did well but if ya didn't please share your pain with me, after all misery loves company ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


SO while arguing with my husband about why I feel I need to lose weight and the before pics and blogging..the whole deal I thought ok I'll do some quick pics of me in my regular leggings and zip up no biggie. Well I guess I never truly looked at my dimensions! I am beyond what I can imagine and I don't know why I let it go. I'm so embarrassed to be this big plus knocking on 40's door!! I so ave to get in like meltdown disaster mode and do this shit!! No excuses or I worked out enough today..I gotta get on this ,I can not and I refuse to look like this is horrible .So I'm telling my husband this and all he says is I love you either way ,yea no shit fat ass but I don't love me this way!! Ok , that was my pity party thank you for coming. ;)
Oh my goodness!

Wide Side
10/31/2012 Scary Halloween Shape

A Big Girl Before Pic

Can't keep a fat chic down!

So been a couple days. We got "Sandy" here and my street flooded!  Can't hold a fat chick down LOL I still walked but only 30 minutes and on my workout day I did only 3 reps on my kettle and just 5 reps on my hand weights. But I did take in all the lawn furniture and hunker down other crap outside and while doing it a threw a half dozen lunges. I looked freaking Nuts in my yard doing that seriously!  I like lunges but ooh they put ya in check! So as for my bad thing I had 2 cups of egg nog with Captain Morgan's rum . It was needed believe me... Today I'm having Chris ( my husband ) take my I guess before pic and also I found my fat pic from last year so I'll throw that up too.
So I guess I'll be praying for strength to make it through Thanksgiving giving! Our family starting as a child we've always had pie but then an additional whole chocolate cream pie to ourselves!  Yes one whole pie tin of homemade crust, pudding & delicious homemade whipped heavy cream! ! I guess we can share horror stories of the like as we get closer. So lastly does anyone have any at home exercises they can share??