Friday, October 5, 2012

    So tonight I got a wicked good pep talk from my sister ( Tee )who also gave me alittle publicity and that's awesome! I am really excited to know there's support out there .I haven't got any kind of weight surgery but I so need to lose.I have been dieting on and off since umm like I was 12 LOL! It feels that way but what I wouldn't do to have my body if my teen back to reality!  I hate the way I look now ,the way I feel, it just makes me not even wanna buy clothes! (I do wear them though legally I have to) but who wants to be a delicate size 16 jeans !!
  I guess I'm just looking to be a normal size 12 again. My actual "goal" weight is 165lbs , which feels so far away! Lets see...
 Right now I'm 235lbs so that leaves me the job/journey of losing
70 POUNDS ...OMG!! Thats umm big numbers baby! So we'll see , I told Tee (my aforementioned sister) that I think blogging will help me because I'll have to answer to youguys and be like "So I ate a half gallon of ice cream and a 6 pack of tacos! But I wont be saying that exactly..but I know I'll have a few bitchy "So I had an ice cream whateva!" blogs, LOL oh and before I "sign off" I dont know if that blog talk?? ...either way if youguys got ANY tips about anything dieting,blogging,exercising, ways to fry chicken (that last one was a joke,I know how to fry chicken ;p

Thinking new

So yesterday I went to have my hair foiled , got some new makeup and feeling alittle happy about myself which I believe helps with losing and motivation.So far I gotta say I'm not too bad on eating ,I love healthy food not healthy like tofu and gross stuff but regular old healthy. My issues are ice cream lately I've had 2 pints a month (porka) and my sabotaging husband brings me chocolates!i never use sugar or salt in my food or drinks,I don't drink soda I don't know how to bake so that saves me lol! So my treadmill broke!! My friend was kind enough to give me an elliptical she doesn't use so I'm all over that! I've started light weights( I dont wanna be the become the hulk). So at this point I'm walking about 15-20 minutes a day and now will be able to add the elliptical. Not yet ready to return to crunches that will be maybe a month . So got the plan but now gotta go with it! Somedays are wicked hard cuz with 3 teens it's so easy to say sure pizza for supper,or grab me a tube of Pringles ! I guess I need discipline.
Today I was 234
....any thoughts???

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first blog ever! I guess I'm thinking that blogging will keep me on task with support. Also giving support I believe helps both of us.So I will start with the basics about myself...
    My name is Jessica ,I am a 38 year old wife and mom. We live in Massachusetts. We own 5 (yes 5!) dogs..This past summer I had a hysterectomy do to some bleeding issue so goodbye periods!!
   So most of my adult life I have had my weight go up & down ,I've been 165 all the way to 260! Many other weights in between. Yea I still have my jeans sizes 12-18 lol...Someday pants.
  Ok today I weigh 235 I also ate a candy bar my excuse was to get it outta the house ! So, You see I'm not good I'm actually my worse enemy.
  Besides losing to look and feel good, I wanna do it for health too.
I'm really at this point hoping to get and give support on how to change and lose!
 A few things I dont plan on doing is surgery,pills, or joining a gym. The gym because I have a few things at home and like to walk outside with the dogs or my ipod. Food wise I am open to all ideas.
Hoping to meet some great people so we can be there for each other . Strength in numbers they say..LOL