Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeling Betta'

So my mysterious sick is gone finally!  Musta' been a flu. I live close to the NECC that's been on the news. They are the " Meningitis" peeps.
Anywho I ate light yesterday and today but I did finally today work out.  I didn't walk but did workout for 45 minutes ( sweating my ass off!) But I'm glad I did it. So this week will be back to walking & alternate workout days. There's this new workout called "Body Pump" it looks like a good workout but not til I lose more otherwise I'll be the strong woman at the circus (sans the circus part).
I'm gonna try to walk tomorrow even if its just 30 minutes. I'll let ya know if I collapse LOL
BTW my sis tells me I gotta email my comments back so funky stuff with the website setup but I really appreciate the comments n advice. Now I'll be able to answer back!! (•_•)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This may help

I've been sick like wicked sick! I haven't worked out but I hate been able to eat crap! So I'm either Even Steven or gonna gain when I'm better. I've had some gingerale ( I usually never drink tonic) I've had like oatmeal then cereal but not the milk. I've been drinking my green tea with honey half a cup nightly. I never finish a whole cup...a waste of my
K-Cups! So hopefully I'll be back in action soon. We planned to hike with the kids & dogs this weekend,  we'll have to see how I'm doing. So lets hope this sickness doesn't screw me up weight wise.