Saturday, October 13, 2012

A day outside

Spent a lot of time in the yard today with the dogs.  Cleaning up,  putting lawn furniture and crap away. I gotta say I've been pretty good. I did argue with husband on what a " full stomach " means...I take meds morning and night well I get a little nausea with my morning ones. I try to have a yogurt and a piece of fruit plus a small cup of juice before I take my pill. Well my husband says yogurt n juice is not full stomach blah blah blah....anywho I I do sometimes just have a yogurt. I've been getting more nausea lately and my migraines are becoming more often. It may be the food/meds argument. I have lost about 6lbs total without working out as much as I use to. Any ideas on quick nonyucky breakfast ideas....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Happy Birthday

Today was my husband Chris's 38th birthday soooo he wanted a Carvel cake and for dinner rice and beans with hot Italian sausages and corn! Now let me explain LOL. ..I actually only had a cup of rice n beans then I had a 3×3 of the ice cream cake. Not wicked bad but not so good either. Didn't exercise today either we were way busy but tomorrow I'll be back on! I'm thinking of adding another 20 minutes to my walk. ..we'll see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I hate Tuesdays...

I hate Tuesdays usual. They suck. Their not Monday but I think their worse! Tuesday the kids have all this homework to bring back. After school nightmare of here there and everywhere.
But today as sucky as Tuesdays are I'm proud to say I've lost 3 pounds!!!! Not huge but better than gaining after the creampuff massacre!  So I'm happy. ..I'm sure not for long , after all I'm a complaining bitch but not today ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Not too too bad...

So the other night we went to a family trivia night I drank more than answered LOL
I was abit bad I walked by a tray of cream puffs I say walked by but I banged a Uturn decided 2 little puffs wouldn't hurt. ..well 2 turned to 3 . I guess after the plentiful amount of Chianti I should be more concerned with the wine calories. I did work out yesterday and walked today. ..whatcha guys think of this wine business? ?